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Boris-the-Obese PM needs to change his diet, not rely on his Personal Trainer to lose weight

Boris Johnson has hired personal trainer Harry Jameson to lose weight, after acknowledging he was "too fat" when he caught coronavirus.

The prime minister was admitted to hospital with the virus in April but says he has since "been steadily building up my fitness".

Mr Johnson's time in intensive care is thought to have prompted a change in his views on tackling obesity.

He has previously criticised levies on foods high in salt, fat and sugar - and characterised his stance as "libertarian".

In July he said that while he was not normally one for "nannying or bossying", the country did need to lose weight to protect from a second spike.

There are no better cures for type 2 diabetes than a healthy diet. Type2 affects at least 4 million Brits, has a mortality rate higher than some cancers and costs billions each year in avoidable healthcare costs.

While people who exercise regularly do tend to be much healthier than the general population, with lower rates of diabetes and heart disease, that’s largely due to a healthy diet rather than physical activity.

So your diet should be the first step, no need for a personal trainer! For more about our ProLongevity programme click here

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