This is what some of our happy customers say about ProLongevity


Stuart (NHS GP)

A miraculous metamorphosis! 12 months ago chatting to Graham about my physical demise i.e. metabolic syndrome; obese; clothes not fitting — even 40 inch waist trousers; hypertensive - poorly controlled and worried about the risk of a stroke. I also had sleep apnoea - using a c-pap and ended up attending a c-pap meeting which was really depressing as most of the attendees looked as if they were going to burst!

Gout with frequent painful joints requiring a strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories which gave me severe dyspeptic symptoms. But worst of all I had a prediabetic Hba1c and I was convinced I was going to get all the complications! Graham told me about the blood sugar sensor and his 8-week programme. So started the ProLongevity course . I stopped putting sugar in my tea or coffee, stopped drinking cartons of juice, stopped biscuits, cake, rice, chips, sweetener etc and along with the low carb diet started to exercise more and I found that I slept better! Within 2 months I felt so much better and now nearly 3 months on I have dropped my waist size to 36 inches and my sleep apnoea seems to have gone! I feel 10 years younger and am now looking forward to a long and healthy retirement!

My HbA1C is normal, my gout has gone, my psoriasis has improved, and my concentration is so much better! But the best news is that even though I have stopped monitoring my blood sugar I am maintaining my progress and I can still have the odd piece of cheesecake!
— GP, 63

Adrian (Medical Doctor)

I developed severe Tinnitus 2ys ago which affected my lifestyle and gave me a wake-up call. Tinnitus is a continuous ringing in one or both ears but has no medical solution. The problem that I find is that I have no control over the noise, and this lack of control is very demoralising.

I realised that for me to deal with my discomfort I needed to do everything in my power to improve my general health and wellbeing so as to increase my resilience. I approached Graham who said he was happy to help. He put me on a low carbohydrates diet after we monitored my response to sugars, as it soon became evident that I had very sharp glucose spikes to bread, rice, porridge, potatoes, sweet potato, and pasta, but thankfully not to dark chocolate!. Together we devised a diet plan that kept my blood sugar tightly controlled with no spikes. The reasoning is that perhaps it is the relationship between glucose and insulin spikes that causes the fluctuations in the tinnitus.

I found that there is a definite dampening down of the noise and that overall there are fewer fluctuations allowing me to feel I do have some control. In addition, I lost weight, I feel more confident in what to eat and I do not miss carbohydrates in the slightest and enjoy my food immensely. I not only engaged in his dietary advice but also listend to him in relation to sleep and exercise. I feel more confident once again, able to enjoy life better and am more optimistic.

I am grateful for Graham’s advice which he gives with such professionalism, kindness, and generosity.
— Medical Doctor, 63

Lynne (Ex-Nurse)

I’ve always struggled to maintain a steady weight, even though my nursing background gave me the knowledge and skill that should have made maintaining my weight an easy and straightforward task. Although not as big as I used to be, my weight has regularly ‘yo-yoed’ by 10kg for decades.

Two years ago, when I was diagnosed with prediabetes I embarked on, yet another, ‘weight-loss mission’ which, after a year, succeeded in a ‘normal’ blood glucose result only to have it go up again and back into prediabetes the following year.

I was feeling very low, because I eat very healthily, or so I thought then I met Graham who explained that a new monitoring sensor and mentoring system (him!) might help identify those ‘problem foods’ that I was particularly sensitive too and which results in the vicious circle of a glucose spike, sharp glucose drop and rapid storing of fat. Who knew that my muesli was one of the main culprits? – as well as for breakfast I relied on this heavily for snacks or even dinner sometimes. In addition I was eating far too much whole-wheat bread.

Saying goodbye to these habits and substituting for protein & more veg resulted in an easy weight loss of 3.4Kg in a little over 3 weeks, and red wine is just fine but more importantly the system allows instant real time glucose monitoring so you know, about an hour after eating, if a particular food is an issue for you and you make a small adjustment accordingly.

On Grahams advice I also bought body composition scales which is really helpful and will become my mentor when I complete the programme…. Although I will very much miss Grahams unobtrusive wisdom and support as he monitors progress from afar and intervenes at just the right moment with a helpful hint or word of support.

Many thanks Graham - this is a really worthwhile service giving health back to people on the brink of losing it

Postscript: Its now March 2019 and nearly 3 months since I last used the glucose monitor but I’ve been continuing to use the easy methods and food habits Graham taught me. I rarely eat the foods that I learnt caused a spike in my glucose (I’ve lost ‘the taste’ for them), I generally leave a 12 hour gap overnight between my last evening meal and my breakfast, plus I pile onto my plate healthy veg at every opportunity.

I’m amazed to find it all truly easy, my tastes have changed, who’d have thought that I’d find chocolate tasting ‘waxy’ or rice ‘boring’ and a curry goes really, really well on top of a great big salad.

I’ve also been using my body composition scales about twice a week and have lost a total of 10kg, my visceral fat is now well within the normal range and my BMI is under 25 for the first time in about 3 decades! Again Graham a million thanks!!
— Ex-Nurse & Training Consultant, 64


What Graham has built is truly game changing – but for all the science and technology, it’s the human touch that made it work for me. In my early 20s I was super fit. I was in the Royal Engineers, Running 30 miles a week, often with bricks on my back. But after starting to work super long hours in the private sector, running gave way to the box set, healthy food was replaced with quick food – or in many cases no food at all.

I had become complacent and comfortable with being fat. I had developed a fatty liver and what little will power I had led me to follow the latest fad diet which lasted a couple of weeks before returning to the same destructive cycle – leaving me demoralised and resigned to being ‘a bit fat’ – in reality, morbidly obese.

Graham and the Freestyle monitor changed all that. He explained that I was not taking into too many calories – far from it. In fact I was suffering from malnutrition. I had hardly any nutrients in my diet – just empty calories! We slapped on the Freestyle and got to work! Graham guided me through the difficult first few weeks, helping me to pick the right food – but also food that I would enjoy. This crucial to his success you see - he doesn’t expect perfection and doesn’t expect you carry on eating food you don’t like year-on-year. We worked together, using the apps to ‘gamify’ the process and I can tell you that it’s a great way to stay motivated to lose weight – and more importantly improve your overall health. The fact that his service was available via Skype, WhatsApp and Facetime etc made everything so much more convenient

So, over the last three months: my blood pressure has returned to healthy levels, according to my doctor, my fatty liver has all but gone, I’ve lost nearly two stone and I’ve enjoyed it!

What Graham has built is truly game changing – but for all the science and technology, it’s the human touch that made it work for me. Never judgmental, always supportive and amazingly passionate and knowledgeable – this has been the only health drive that I’ve ever been able to stick with and I strongly recommend it!
— Public Affairs Consultant, 34

Mariola (Diabetes Nurse)

I’ve had weight problems since my children were born 30 years ago. I have been on two blood-pressure medications and thyroxine for years. About five years ago I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and then pre-diabetes. Diets helped me lose weight, but I always regained it.

Using Pro Longevity I learned that foods I thought were healthy were spiking my blood-sugar, such as porridge, fruit and diluted fruit-juice. I cut them out and I’ve lost 8kg. My blood pressure has come down so far that I’ve been able to reduce my medications. My liver enzyme tests are now normal and I am no longer pre-diabetic. During the process I have never felt hungry.
— nurse, 52


In recent years my weight and blood pressure have both crept up steadily. Having spent some time looking into the science of various weight management solutions, the idea of using a continuous glucose monitor came up.

It was a revelation. I was shocked that my flavoured porridge was causing massive blood-sugar spikes. Simply switching to plain porridge had a considerable impact on my blood-glucose spikes and consequently on my weight.

After four weeks I’d learned so much that avoiding the wrong foods became second nature. After three months I had lost around 23kg and my blood pressure had dropped. A year after starting the programme my weight is stable.
— company director


For 20 years I have been plagued by terrible night sweats, which disturbed my sleep up to three times a night. I was also three stone overweight and have been treated for high blood pressure and raised cholesterol. I had become pre-diabetic. Then I had a frightening experience where I lost my memory for about five hours, and I called my husband in a panic. I ended up in hospital.

A GP friend suggested I try continuous blood sugar monitoring. I made lots of small tweaks to what I eat – this is not a diet – and I’m seeing great results. My blood pressure is down and I’m hoping to reduce my drugs. I have lost weight and I feel more energized generally.

The best thing is that the night sweats have gone. It turns out they were due to very low blood-sugar – hypoglycaemia. I’m now managing it and sleeping better than I have for two decades.
— age 72


I’m in my 70s, seeming healthy and very active. I’m still working and have never felt the need to think about my health or diet.

However over a period of 5 or 6 years my 34-inch waist trousers no longer fitted and I became increasingly aware of developing a small paunch, which I wasn’t happy about. That said I was not particularly motivated to do anything about it putting it down to the inevitable “middle aged spread”

So partly out of interest and partly to support my wife, I joined in too. I was shocked to find that my seemingly healthy diet was actually causing some unexpected sugar spikes.

With Graham’s mentoring and over a period of a few weeks, my diet steadily improved. Graham suggested healthy alternatives to the foods that caused my sugar to spike. For example I had never truly been hungry for breakfast but I had been told it was “the most important meal of the day” – so I forced myself to eat a couple of slices of toast. Graham explained that skipping breakfast was fine and that the toast has no nutritional value anyway. In fact it spiked my sugars leading to the inevitable crash a couple of hours later when I’d be starving hungry. So these days I skip breakfast most days and eat something healthy a bit later on. In this way I managed to reduce my sugar intake without spoiling my love of food and I’m now back to my lifetime 34 inch waist.

The ProLongevity programme is not a fad diet but it has focused my mind on what I eat and drink. I now have a real understanding of how different foods affect me and what changes to make. But without Graham’s advice, encouragement and guidance along the way, I would never have entered into the process or persevered with it.

Thank you Graham for all your helpful, friendly and well-informed advice. I firmly believe you had given me a few extra years of healthy life to spend with my wonderful wife, children and grandchildren. I am forever in your debt.
— age 72

NJ (Health Professional)

Being of Indian origin, I’ve always been aware that Asian genes made me susceptible to high blood-pressure and type-2 diabetes. I was still shocked when my GP said that I was suffering from the first and at risk of the second.

I wasn’t keen to take tablets to control my blood-pressure, so ProLongevity appealed. Most of the communication was via WhatsApp, which was convenient. The changes were simple – replacing rice with lentils, and re-heating pasta before eating, for example.

Within days I started feeling better. Over the eight weeks I lost 3.6 kilos, I had fewer energy dips, my blood pressure improved – and I wasn’t even feeling hungry.
— Health Professional, 45


I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in my early 30s. I come from a family of diabetics; parents, both sets of grandparents and numerous uncles and aunts have all been diagnosed with the condition and yet, I knew very little about it. When I was diagnosed, my sugar levels were over 33 mmol/l and I had no idea it was because of diabetes. I had lost weight suddenly and was drinking a lot of water, but just attributed that to work stress.

Over the years, I have been on number of other pills, most of which, I couldn’t begin to list. I have had quarterly Hba1c tests and kept taking my pills on the assumption that this was how it was going to be for the rest of my life. Pills and blood tests, ad nauseum, with some insulin thrown in for good measure as I got older.

In November of 2018, during a routine appointment at my local surgery, my GP and I got talking about a low carb diet. I had tried a keto diet earlier that year and while it worked wonders for the first month, my weight loss stalled in about 5 weeks and I soon lost interest. When discussing a keto diet my doctor told me about her friend who runs a program for diabetics and that he had had great success with his patients. I subsequently met with Graham who introduced me to ProLongevity and the Freestyle Libre.

It should come as no surprise that diabetes is often called a silent killer. Your sugar levels could be through the roof and you wouldn’t know it. Using the Freestyle, I discovered that my sugar levels were ridiculously high with numbers hitting the mid-20s. I was prescribed additional medication which, while it lowered my sugar down to a more acceptable level, also put me into diabetic ketoacidosis. I was hospitalised and spent the weekend being fed insulin through an IV.

The outcome of the DKA was that I was put on 18 units of insulin and when I asked how long I was expected to be on it, I was told that it was going to be a very long time. The impression I got was that this was going to be for life. I was told to eat small frequent meals, control my diet, lose weight and maybe, just maybe, my insulin dose could be reduced. I was able to come off insulin in three weeks.

I attribute this to two factors: 1. The ProLongevity program. Up until then, I had assumed that diabetes was something that could be controlled with medication but that was it; there was no going back. In the past when I have spoken to GPs about trying to reverse the condition, I have always been met with a sympathetic look and a ‘dream on, not gonna happen’. Graham gave me the confidence to believe that I could. Thanks to his input and advice I know so much more about my condition and actually understand it for the first time! This might not sound like much to most people but for the first time I am empowered to deal with my condition.

The second factor was Freestyle Libre. Anyone who has had to prick their finger to get a blood reading will tell you that it gets tedious to have to do it constantly. Using Freestyle has been a game changer for me. The ability to test my blood sugar constantly has resulted in new level of self-accountability. Knowing that eating the right food can keep my sugars on level and actually see that happen in real time is a great motivator.

It has now been just over two months since I started the ProLongevity; my sugar levels are under 8 mmol/L (it was about 23 mmol/L when I started); my 30 day average reading is 5.8 mmol/L. I have lost nearly 20 pounds in the same period. I follow a very low carb diet and keep my carb under 20 grams and I really enjoy what I eat!

The experience of taking control of my diabetes has highlighted just how important it is to get the right advice. Diet plays such an important role in your well-being. I think if a diabetic patient was told that they could reverse, or at least considerably reduce their medication following a low carb diet, the ball is put firmly in their court. They then have the option to disregard it and carry on with increased medication over time or actually do something with the information. NHS could save so much over the lifetime of a diabetic. I have already saved the NHS the cost of insulin for one person. I don’t know how what that translates to in monetary terms, but given just how many people are diagnosed with the condition and continue being diagnosed, surely, it’s worth a consideration.

And lastly the Freestyle Libre - which can be such a boon to help people combat obesity and diabetes. Currently, it isn’t NHS funded and so the price will be prohibitive for many. Wouldn’t offering a type 2 the chance to use a Freestyle and take control of their condition, thereby saving the NHS millions in escalating drug costs also be worth a consideration?

In the meanwhile, my goal is to get off medication completely and lead a healthier life. I know I’ve got this – I know what to do!
— Marketing Professional, 46