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DECADES of bad advice from the NHS to eat carbohydrates is responsible for Britain’s obesity crisis

Leading medics have called for an urgent review of dietary advice which was drawn up 35 years ago. Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, the Queen’s former doctor Sir Richard Thompson and nutritionist Sarah Macklin, said NHS instructions should be ignored in favour of a low-carbohydrate, Mediterranean diet to defeat diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Dr Malhotra said: “If all UK diabetics were to follow guidelines reflecting the independent scientific evidence and ignore current low-fat diet government guidelines, it would reduce dependency on diabetes drugs and insulin by over 50 per cent, saving the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds annually.

“Basing diets on starchy foods is misguided and in my view, has been a direct cause of the obesity crisis.

Shocking statistics show processed foods now make up more than half the average Briton’s diet, with most coming from starchy and sugary sources. More than two-thirds of men and almost six in 10 women are now overweight or obese.

The UK obesity crisis has seen 12 million at increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, meaning 25 per cent of the population has or could develop an illness that can kill.

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