Success Stories

ProLongevity has helped people make the change they need in their lives so that they can live healthier for longer. From diet changes, lifestyle help, and personalised care, ProLongevity can help you take the next step. Here are some of our success stories from a few of our clients.

Success Story Roshni Desai

“My blood pressure has reduced, my weight reduced, my skin better, mentally I feel better, I physically feel better and I’m receiving all the nutrients.”

Success Story Bhasha Mukherjee

“My biggest transformation is that I now have periods that are pain-free for the first time in 15 years”

Success Story John Allard

“I have lost 10kg, I am now off medication and I am no longer suffering from hypertension”.

Success Story Susan Wood

“Within days I started feeling better. Over the eight weeks, I lost 3.6 kilos, I had fewer energy dips, and my blood pressure improved.”

You can get started by having a free 15-minute (no obligation) consultation with our founder Graham to see what ProLongevity can do for you.
Success Story Robert

“The ProLongevity program is not a fad diet but it has focused my mind on what I eat and drink. I now have a real understanding of how different foods affect me and what changes to make. But without Graham’s advice, encouragement, and guidance along the way, I would never have entered into the process or persevered with it”.

Success Story Beryl

“A GP friend suggested I try continuous blood sugar monitoring. I made lots of small tweaks to what I eat – this is not a diet – and I’m seeing great results. My blood pressure is down and I’m hoping to reduce my drugs. I have lost weight and I feel more energized generally”.

Success Story Jeremy

“After four weeks I’d learned so much that avoiding the wrong foods became second nature. After three months I had lost around 23kg and my blood pressure had dropped. A year after starting the program my weight is stable”.

Success Story Mariola (Diabetes Nurse)

“Graham has been extremely supportive and motivating, without being punitive or harsh, and I would highly recommend his style of coaching and support -you never feel, you are on a strict ‘diet’. His knowledge is incredible and he is always happy to communicate this and gives lots of useful tips”.

Whether you are struggling to lose weight, reverse your pre-diabetes, or struggle with lifestyle habits, ProLongevity is here to help. With a program personalised for you and your needs, we can help you live healthier for longer. You can get a free 15-minute consultation to see what we can do for you.

Success Story Chris

“What Graham has built is truly game-changing – but for all the science and technology, it’s the human touch that made it work for me”.

Success Story Stuart

“My HbA1C is normal, my gout has gone, my psoriasis has improved, and my concentration is so much better! But the best news is that even though I have stopped monitoring my blood sugar I am maintaining my progress and I can still have the odd piece of cheesecake!”

Success Story Lynne (Ex-Nurse)

“I’ve always struggled to maintain a steady weight. Now I’ve also been using my body composition scales about twice a week and have lost a total of 10kg, my visceral fat is now well within the normal range and my BMI is under 25 for the first time in about 3 decades! Again Graham a million thanks”

Success Story Susan Wood

“Getting immediate feedback from the sensor and advice from Prolongevity is great and certainly helps to reduce the stress of having diabetes”.

Success Story Susan Wood

“Graham gave me the confidence to believe that I could. Thanks to his input and advice I know so much more about my condition and understand it for the first time! This might not sound like much to most people but for the first time I am empowered to deal with my condition”.

Success Story Susan Wood

“I am grateful for Graham’s advice which he gives with such professionalism, kindness, and generosity.”

If you don’t know where to start, we are here to help. ProLongevity’s founder Graham Phillips, has a wealth of experience as a qualified pharmacist and 35 years of experience, aiming to help you live healthier for longer.

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