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“For 20 years I have been plagued by terrible night sweats, which disturbed my sleep up to three times a night. I was also three stone overweight and have been treated for high blood pressure and raised cholesterol. I had become pre-diabetic. Then I had a frightening experience where I lost my memory for about five hours, and I called my husband in a panic. I ended up in hospital.

A GP friend suggested I try continuous blood sugar monitoring. I made lots of small tweaks to what I eat – this is not a diet – and I’m seeing great results. My blood pressure is down and I’m hoping to reduce my drugs. I have lost weight and I feel more energized generally.

The best thing is that the night sweats have gone. It turns out they were due to very low blood-sugar – hypoglycaemia. I’m now managing it and sleeping better than I have for two decades.”

— AGE 72

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