Pharmacy Industry C&D 2020 Award Winner Prolongevity

Pharmacy industry C&D 2020 awards recognises the Pharmacist who gave up drugs!

We are proud to announce that ProLongevity has won the ‘Health Initiative of the year’ award for our ‘Live Healthy For Longer’ Diabetes Prevention and Reversal service.

The C+D Awards held there first-ever digital ceremony on November 26th for its 13th year, celebrating excellence across 16 categories, hosted by the incomparable Stephan Mangan. The night was a chance for pharmacy teams to kick up their heels after a fraught year due to extra pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chemist+Druggist (C+D) has been proudly providing the latest news and analysis to the UK’s 12,000 community pharmacists and pharmacy staff for 160 years so it’s a massive honour to be recognised for the real innovation that ProLongevity has brought about by creating a drug-free programme to reverse and prevent Type-2 diabetes and a host of other avoidable killer diseases. It certainly adds to ProLongevity founder Graham Phillips’ reputation as ‘the pharmacist who gave up drugs’ when the entire pharmacy industry pays tribute to his achievements.

Pharmacy Industry C&D 2020 Award Winner Prolongevity

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