What Causes Cellulite?

What is Cellulite?

Gynoid lipodystrophy (Cellulite) is a condition which causes lumpy and dimpled skin sometimes referred to as cottage cheese skin or orange-peel skin because of its texture. Usually found around the thighs and lower body, it is quite common especially in women. Men can also develop the condition.

Cellulite is not harmful but unfortunately its difficult or impossible to rid yourself of it. In this blog we will discuss what causes cellulite and ways you can reduce its appearance.

What causes Cellulite?

Current medicine is not precise on what causes cellulite but there are numerous theories about the cause. Perhaps a combination of these factors is the ultimate cause:

  • Firstly, hormones play an influential role in the development of cellulite, insulin and oestrogen are two well-known hormones that play key roles in its development. One theory is that as women approach menopause they start to produce less oestrogen and fat cells enlarge on top of that blood flow to the connective tissue under the skin decreases and results in lower collagen production.
  • Secondly an unhealthy lifestyle: people who eat lots of carbs and don’t exercise are more likely to have higher levels of cellulite. Although people with excess body fat are more likely to have excessive amounts of cellulite slim people can also suffer. Tight clothing on the waist can restrict blood flow and make cellulite form more easily (At least in theory).
  • Thirdly cellulite can also be a result of genetic influences on metabolism, distribution of fat under the skin, circulation. Ethnicity too plays a role.

Something to consider is that although you might not like the appearance of cellulite, on its own it is harmless. However, if it is something you wish to improve you might want to look at your lifestyle, for any changes you could make to help reduce the appearance of cellulite or look at treatments available for cellulite. We will be looking at the different types of treatment available in a minute. Other options could be to book a 15-minute consultation with one of the members of our clinical team who could offer invaluable advice to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

what causes cellulite

Diet and its effect on cellulite

Diet can play a key role in the increased appearance of cellulite; a bad diet high in sugar, processed carbs and seed oils (i.e., Junk Foods) can quickly worsen the appearance of cellulite. The excess dietary sugar is converted to fat in the liver then stored in your fat cells which will make your cellulite look worse over time.

Too much salt in combination with the excess sugar can also have a similar effect where salt causes cells to retain fluid making them appear larger and so the appearance of cellulite is more prominent.  Foods like chocolate, sweets, pizza and any type of ultra processed food will contribute to a more obvious appearance of cellulite.

Like sugar, excessive carbohydrates will also affect cellulite by increasing your total bodyfat. So, all these factors will combine to increase the appearance of cellulite.  The same factors increase your risk of developing type two diabetes and prediabetes which are far from benign. Thus, starting a healthy diet will have a massive impact not just on your cellulite but also your overall health.

Where can cellulite appear?

Cellulite can appear on many parts of the body at different severities. Places that cellulite can appear commonly are the legs specifically around the thighs and buttocks, more uncommonly it can be found around the breast area, lower abdomen and upper arms. However, the severity of your cellulite could vary drastically compared to someone else.

  • You may have cellulite that is currently hidden, but this is still a sign of deteriorating overall health.
  • Mild cellulite might appear as smooth skin when stood up but mild dimpled skin when you sit down around the area affected. Typically, around the thighs and buttocks but could be elsewhere.
  • Moderate cellulite would be when you skin is visibly affected both sitting and standing with mild depressions in the skin.
  • Severe cellulite is when you always have deep depressions in your skin.

Treatment options

There is a plethora of different and expensive treatment options available:

  • Laser treatment – Laser treatment called Cellulaze, a tiny laser fibre is inserted beneath your skin. The laser will break the tough bands beneath the skin that cause the Cellulite.
  • Subcision – a minor surgery It involves inserting a small needle into your skin to free up the depressions.
  • Carboxytherapy – Carbon dioxide gas can also be injected into fat cells, which causes the cells to burst and be eliminated in the body. But these treatments are expensive and not permanent. You will inevitably need further treatments when the cellulite returns.

There are various ointments that can help reduce cellulite:

  • Caffeine cream this dehydrates cells to make them less visible and needs to be applied daily for consistent results.
  • Retinol which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by thickening the skin. However, this needs to be applied for six months before any results can be seen and you will need to try a patch test first as people have experienced side effects such as a racing heart.

All the above might be options to consider but if you do not like the idea of these temporary solutions maybe consider a free 15-minute consultation with one of the ProLongevity team. You might end up in a much better place with the added benefit of improving your overall health which will also help prevent your cellulite from returning.

What Next?

Act:  If you have health concerns or are worried about cellulite you should start to look at taking some active changes in your life.  If you are floundering and don’t’ know where to start, we are here to help. ProLongevity’s founder Graham Phillips, has a wealth of experience as a qualified pharmacist and with 35 years of experience aims to help treat the fundamental problems people are facing with diabetes and related conditions. Not only this but with our clinical team who have over 100 years’ experience helping people with diabetes and related conditions we are more than able and willing to help anyone suffering with diabetes improve and change their lives for the better.

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    What Causes Cellulite?

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