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“What Graham has built is truly game changing – but for all the science and technology, it’s the human touch that made it work for me. In my early 20s I was super fit. I was in the Royal Engineers, Running 30 miles a week, often with bricks on my back. But after starting to work super long hours in the private sector, running gave way to the box set, healthy food was replaced with quick food – or in many cases no food at all.

I had become complacent and comfortable with being fat. I had developed a fatty liver and what little will power I had led me to follow the latest fad diet which lasted a couple of weeks before returning to the same destructive cycle – leaving me demoralised and resigned to being ‘a bit fat’ – in reality, morbidly obese.

Graham and the Freestyle monitor changed all that. He explained that I was not taking into too many calories – far from it. In fact I was suffering from malnutrition. I had hardly any nutrients in my diet – just empty calories! We slapped on the Freestyle and got to work! Graham guided me through the difficult first few weeks, helping me to pick the right food – but also food that I would enjoy. This crucial to his success you see – he doesn’t expect perfection and doesn’t expect you carry on eating food you don’t like year-on-year. We worked together, using the apps to ‘gamify’ the process and I can tell you that it’s a great way to stay motivated to lose weight – and more importantly improve your overall health. The fact that his service was available via Skype, WhatsApp and Facetime etc made everything so much more convenient

So, over the last three months: my blood pressure has returned to healthy levels, according to my doctor, my fatty liver has all but gone, I’ve lost nearly two stone and I’ve enjoyed it!

What Graham has built is truly game changing – but for all the science and technology, it’s the human touch that made it work for me. Never judgmental, always supportive and amazingly passionate and knowledgeable – this has been the only health drive that I’ve ever been able to stick with and I strongly recommend it!”


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