Continue exercising during the Christmas and New Year period

For people who have diabetes—or almost any other disease, for that matter—the benefits of exercise can’t be overstated. Exercise helps control weight (at least to some extent), lower blood pressure, lower harmful cholesterol such as triglycerides. It also raise healthy HDL cholesterol, strengthens muscles and bones, reduces anxiety, and improves your general well-being.

So don’t use the excuse of Christmas to stop exercising!

So here are a couple smart ways to get your weekly exercise routines in without getting on the way of your schedule, instead we make it apart of your plans…

Continue Exercising During The Christmas And New Year Period - Prolongevity

Hit the shops

Now that the shops are open in some area’s, swap online shopping for a trip to the shopping centre if you can based on Government guide lines to keep yourself moving. Instead of doing your boxing day shopping from your sofa, walk around the town with bags in hand and you can burn up to 150 calories an hour. You can also increase the walking distance by parking further away- so you can skip the busy car park too.

Although you can’t out run a bad diet, this can be the first step to making small changes to your lifestyle to improve your health. Remember, eating a good diet is the perfect way to improve your general health

Play postman.

Turn your Christmas card list and thank you cards unto calories burnt by delivering your cards by hand or bike this year. Its an easy way to increase your steps, get your heart pumping and up your intake of vitamin D and K2 as well (

Sitting workout

If you want to workout from the comforts of your sofa, that is possible! There are plenty of sitting exercises that can get you moving and burn off any excess fat and lower that blood pressure online. A great example comes from Alexandra Louise.

Continue exercising during the Christmas and New Year period

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