CX8 – Cardio Support

CX8 – Cardio Support

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CX8 – Cardio Support
A unique, highly advanced supplement which supports the cardiovascular system.

Key Features:
CX8 addresses the five main causes of cardiovascular problems:
• Reduce calcification in the soft tissues. Calcification causes hardening of the arteries, making a heart attack more likely.
• Improve circulation by smoothing out the inside of the arteries so it is harder for plaque to attach and easier for blood to flow.
• Reduce inflammation in the blood which can restrict blood flow.
• Increase adult stem cells to help replenish damaged cells in the cardiovascular system.
• Rebalance cholesterol levels by increasing the “good” HDL cholesterol and reducing the “bad” LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides.

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What does CX8 do:
• Addresses the main causes of cardiovascular problems.
• Reduce calcification and inflammation, improve circulation and increase adult stem cells.
• Rebalance cholesterol levels.
• Contains high levels of anti-oxidants for optimal health.

Recommended User:
• CX8 is suitable and recommended for adults 40 years and over to help replenish CoQ10 depletion that occurs
with age.
• It is recommended for people who require cardiovascular support, may be taken in conjunction with cholesterol
lowering drugs after consultation with a health practitioner.

• Servings per bottle: 30 (Adults – 3 capsules).
• Can be taken at any time with or without food, together or at different times of the day.

What makes CX8 - Cardio Support unique
Key ingredients of CX8 - Cardio Support 02
Key ingredients of CX8 - Cardio Support 02

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