Study Shows That Type 2 Diabetes Increases Risk of 57 Other Diseases

Type 2 diabetics are at increased risk for 57 other diseases, such as cancer, kidney disease, and neurological dysfunction. Over 5 million Brits suffer from type 2, putting them at risk of additional serious and life-threatening health risks in middle age. Quite simply, having type 2 diabetes may shorten your life by at least ten years.

With millions of people worldwide suffering from this condition, a study conducted at the University of Cambridge has shown the true impact of this (avoidable) disease and how people who suffer are at the highest risk of ill health.

The observational experiment involved middle-aged people, with and without Type 2 diabetes. Experts discovered that overall, those with Type 2 Diabetes experienced several health issues as much as 5 years earlier than those people without.

Researchers studied people over the age of 30 and found that a higher risk occurred when type 2 diabetes was detected before the age of 50. This makes sense: the earlier you develop type 2, the greater the lifetime risk.

Study Shows That Type 2 Diabetes Increases Risk of 57 Other Diseases

The study was presented at the Diabetes UK professional conference, and the findings were “stark and alarming” according to experts. A staggering £16 billion + is spent by the NHS on the treatment of diabetes each year. The vast majority of that money (around 90%) is spent on type 2 diabetes, which can be reversed primarily by eating a healthy (species-appropriate!) real-food diet. While losing weight and getting active help, it is overwhelmingly eating better that makes the biggest difference.

The study sourced people from the UK Biobank, which is a large long-term biomedical database and research resource, mainly studying British genetic samples seeking to examine how genes and the environment interact in the development of diseases.

3 million people from the UK Biobank and GP records had their data examined, focusing on 116 common illnesses seen in the middle ages, which resulted in diabetics being at risk of 57 major illnesses and a 9% increase in cancer risk.

Type 2 Diabetics were:

● 5.2 times more likely to suffer from end-stage Kidney Disease.
● 4.4 times more likely to suffer from Liver Cancer.
● 3.2 times more likely to suffer from Macular Degeneration.

Type 2 diabetics are at much higher risk across 11 categories of health issues, such as:

● Neurological issues (2.6 times more likely)
● Eye problems (2.3 times more likely)
● Digestive issues (1.9 times more likely)
● Mental disorders (1.8 times more likely)

The study was supported by Diabetes UK.

The director of research at Diabetes UK, Dr Elizabeth Robertson, proclaimed, “This study illustrates in alarming detail the unacceptable prevalence of poor health in middle-aged people with type 2 diabetes and is a stark reminder of the extensive and serious long-term effects of diabetes on the body.”

“That’s why it’s so important that people at increased risk of type 2 diabetes are supported to reduce their risk; those living with the condition have continued access to routine care and support to manage it well and avoid or delay complications.” Dr Elizabeth Robertson.

The study was co-led by Dr Luanluan Sun, a clinical epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge. She said the findings suggest that preventing and delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes should be an “essential” priority in middle age to reduce the likelihood of poor health later in life.

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Study Shows That Type 2 Diabetes Increases Risk of 57 Other Diseases

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