Dr Chris Knobbe

In this episode of the ProLongevity podcast featuring Dr Chris Knobbe, Graham and Chris discuss many topics including processed foods, ultra-processed foods, seed oils and Chris Knobbe’s new book: The Ancestral Diet Revolution.these are only a few of the many things which Graham and Chris talk about in our new podcast. “Live Healthy for Longer”

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    Here at ProLongevity our mission is to address the root causes of disease, not merely mask the symptoms with ever more drugs while the disease itself gets progressively worse.

    That’s why ProLongevity creates a nutrition and exercise plan that is uniquely tailored to your personal biology. This process of ‘Precision Nutrition’ can tackle the root cause of your prediabetes as well as tackle many other health problems. In just 8 weeks, we’ll guide you to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle with regular 1-2-1 coaching from qualified health professionals.

    Our goal goes much beyond treating diseases. We aim to help you Live Healthy for Longer. What value would you place having an extra 10 years of vital, healthy life?

    So next time, please consider opting for a FREE, no-obligation exploratory call with our founder Graham Phillips. It might change your life!

    Dr Chris Knobbe
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