Dr Luigi Vorluni

Dr Luigi Vorluni


Luigi is an innovative and proactive physiologist with a comprehensive blend of academic, research and industry experience. During his PhD and Postdoc at Brunel University, Luigi conducted research in the area of cardiovascular physiology, health and performance. He is a published author with the capability and experience in delivering scientific presentations and talks at a national and international level.

Luigi gained a postgraduate degree in teaching and communication at Brunel University, where he taught scientific subjects at an undergraduate level. Prior to that, he gained a bachelor degree in science at South Bank University, and the subjects included physiology and exercise physiology, nutrition and sport nutrition, psychology and sport psychology. Luigi also holds various other qualifications in the areas of nutrition, health coaching, strength and conditioning, and performance.

In his long career, Luigi has helped many people to set and achieve their health and wellness goals, optimising health-span, fitness and vitality. His main passions have been and continue to be conducting research in the areas of health, wellbeing and performance, and implement evidence-based interventions to maximise results. He loves educating people, dissecting complex health and wellness related problems, breaking them down in order to facilitate understanding, and connecting symptoms to the root cause.

As a physiologist, Luigi focuses on creating the optimal environment to enhance body functions, which is crucial for supporting health, and promoting fitness, beauty and vigour. He implements a multidisciplinary approach that comprises various therapeutic components, which include precision nutrition, orthomolecular medicine, exercise science, electrotherapy, lifestyle medicine, light and electromagnetic therapies, and transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation, in order to enhance health and wellbeing, and prevent disease.

Luigi uses a holistic approach, taking into consideration the different aspects of a person’s life, including physical fitness, as well as mental, emotional and social wellbeing. He prioritises individualised care, tailoring the treatments and strategies to meet the specific needs of the person

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