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Eat Real Food

This pandemic has swiftly concentrated minds on the fact health is the truest measure of wealth.

For decades, thanks to the corporate capture of the food sector by vested interests, we’ve been popping pills to treat but not cure chronic diseases – many rooted in our subsistence on ultra-processed fakery marketed as food. Many of those diseases strike in The Big Middle years, mid-40s – mid-70s.

Like a growing number of the world’s leading scientists and medical professionals, my guest is working tirelessly to wean us off the received wisdom that fat makes us fat, a calorie is a calorie, and when you eat doesn’t matter.

The UK’s Graham Phillips is known as The Pharmacist Who Gave Up Drugs.

He’s getting spectacular results with a new coaching service for people in metabolic distress: personalised nutrition and lifestyle tweaks based on biometric data and blood sugar monitoring.

He also sees a bigger disease prevention role for community pharmacists, the unsung heroes of the COVID crisis.

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