Eat The Rainbow – Covid 19

Eat The Rainbow

Coronavirus (the infection) and COVID-19 (the disease it causes) are uppermost in the nation’s psyche and the ONS have stated that only 4% of the population have been infected (as of 1st week in May 2020)

Key to our immunity of COVID-19 is the microbiome – the bugs in our gut which do so much for us, including manufacturing our vitamins as well as helping control our weight and blood sugar and reducing our diabetes risk.

Look after your bugs and they’ll look after you!

So no more Chocolate, Cakes, Crisps or Doritos… Instead aim for lots of colours and variety. A rich and varied diet will support a diverse and varied, and therefore resilient, microbiome.

Eat The Rainbow - Covid 19 - Prolongevity

Setting yourself a challenge at the beginning of every week for your diet is essential. This week, we want you to try 3 new recipes that are low carb and contain at least 1 if your 5 a day.

And for more information on how you can fight Coronavirus, head over to our Wellness group where there are plenty of articles, discussions and advice about the steps you can take to beat this virus for good

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Eat The Rainbow – Covid 19

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