Exercise Isn’t Enough – Reducing Heart Disease & Type-2 Diabetes

Exercise isn't enough

You stop at your favourite fast food drive-thru a couple times a week, and your shopping trolley is filled with processed foods like cookies, crisps and dips. But, you’re thin, you exercise a lot and you don’t show any signs of gaining weight, that means you are healthy, right? WRONG! So, put down the cake and hear us out……..

A recent editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine argued that while exercise is an important tool in reducing the risk of heart disease, Type-2 diabetes and other health conditions, it isn’t enough when it comes to losing weight or staying healthy inside your body.


While exercise is important for maintaining many aspects of overall health, the beneficial impact of exercise will be pretty limited if changes aren’t made to a bad diet. For example, walking three miles burns around 250 to 300 calories. That is not much when a restaurant meal can easily exceed 1,000.

Exercise Isn't Enough - Reducing Heart Disease & Type-2 Diabetes

The first step to losing weight is eating a well-balanced diet starting with cutting the carbs. When your body is pumped full of carbs it breaks it down for fuel (and stored the excess energy as fat) so you will never burn your body fat. So instead of loading up with carbohydrates, change your diet to eat more protein and healthy fats which will speed up your metabolism and encourage your body to burn your body fat as fuel.

Then introduce some exercise to help burn off some of the excess fat that you can’t lose through dieting alone. The truth is that while exercising doesn’t actually burn many calories, it can help raise your metabolic rate so you do burn more over all.

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Exercise Isn’t Enough – Reducing Heart Disease & Type-2 Diabetes

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