‘Fake Foods’ Ads? They’re A SCAM!

Fake Foods' Ads? They're A SCAM! - Prolongevity

Have you ever wondered why food TV adverts look so jaw-dropping and delicious, to the point where drool is dripping down your mouth, your stomach is roaring, and now you will be craving it for the next few days until you get your hands on it?

It’s a SCAM!

More than 80% of companies producing adverts for products high in unhealthy fat, salt and sugar result in broadcasters profiting more than £200m annually in revenue, that’s a lot of money to showcase ‘Fake Foods’…It makes you wonder if we were shown food for its true value would we eat it?

The strategic branding of companies like Mcdonalds have made it so they live in our minds, we recognise their jingles and branding colours. But when we go into the store to buy what is being forced into our faces it’s like a completely different product.

The tricks of the trade are what makes digital marketing so immersive, from Facebook ads to trending movements, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with information. The food industry profits because they are selling a dream and when we purchase (expecting a dream) with are smacked with disillusion and unhealthy food.

If these companies can sell a dream about the appearance of the food, how can you be certain they are not selling a dream about the nutritional value? You can’t! But you can take control back by starting to see through the illusions and creating more food at home, this way you know exactly what is going into your dishes and you can style them as you please.

Take a look at our partners Lonjevity foods, grab some recipes to create real foods, that are genuinely healthful and head over to our youtube channel to get Graham’s take on the Fake Food Industry!



‘Fake Foods’ Ads? They’re A SCAM!

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