GPs Instructed To Check Every Patient’s Risk Of Coronavirus

Family doctors will also be told to prescribe “lifestyle” solutions to reduce a patient’s risk of the disease if they are deemed to be under particular threat of complications or death from the virus.

It follows new research that shows people who have conditions commonly linked with heart disease also have a dramatically increased risk of death and hospitalisation from Covid-19. These conditions – or markers – include obesity, waist circumference, diabetes – even in its early stages – high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol.

However Dr Aseem Malhotra, one of the most influential cardiologists in Britain, who leads a campaign against excess sugar consumption said: “We now know more about this virus and those people who are most at risk. It is very clear having these conditions that affect the heart can dramatically increase your risk of dying or from complications from coronavirus.

GPs Instructed To Check Every Patient's Risk Of Coronavirus

“GPs need to now routinely assess each patient and then they can help them. The good news is that these conditions can be reversed within weeks of changing diet and lifestyle and GP’s need to help people do this.”

Aseem has recently published a book titled: “The 21 Day Immunity Plan” which seeks to tackle the underlying health issues which makes people more vulnerable to Covid. The book is available from Amazon here:

Aseem was a recent guest on the ProLongevity podcast – for the fascinating interview please click here:

Poor diet is responsible for at least 11 million deaths globally. This is linked to more disease and deaths than physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol combined. And if we didn’t have this problem, thousands of people would not have perished unnecessarily because of the virus.

GPs Instructed To Check Every Patient’s Risk Of Coronavirus

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