Healthy Foods To Help With A Hangover

When we’re hungover, we crave one thing, and one thing only: sugar. But eating sugar will only make you feel worse: eating McDonalds or Dominos may make you feel good in the moment, but your body will have a sugar crash and make the hangover feel SO much worse throughout the rest of the day.

Although research on hangovers is limited, and the exact processes behind them are poorly understood. It’s thought that the body experiences specific hormonal and immune responses during a hangover that trigger different symptoms

While there is no known cure for hangovers, several foods might eliminate the symptoms without harming your health.

Healthy Foods To Help With A Hangover - Prolongevity


Eggs are rich in cysteine, an amino acid that your body uses to produce the antioxidant glutathione.

Drinking alcohol decreases the body’s stores of glutathione. Without it, your body has a hard time breaking down the toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism.

Eating cysteine-rich eggs is a great way to increase glutathione in your body and possibly improve hangover symptoms.


Due to their high magnesium content, nuts may be a solution to your hangover.

Excessive alcohol consumption can deplete magnesium in your cells. As a result, refilling magnesium stores may help treat symptoms.

One-half cup (71 grams) of almonds packs close to 50% of the daily value (DV) for magnesium.


Spinach is rich in folate, a nutrient that may be diminished due to heavy drinking. A review of the research found that alcohol impairs folate absorption, and chronic alcohol intake can lead to deficiency.

Eating spinach can help you maintain adequate folate levels after drinking alcohol. 180 grams of cooked spinach provides 66% of the DV!


Eating avocados after a night of heavy drinking can help raise low potassium levels from alcohol consumption and dehydration.

In fact, one avocado (136 grams) packs 20% of the DV for this mineral.

What’s more, research shows that avocados contain compounds that protect against liver injury. Since drinking in excess takes a toll on your liver, avocados may be especially beneficial for hangovers.


Meat and other high-protein foods may help your body better handle a hangover.

Research shows that alcohol prevents your body from absorbing certain amino acids. In fact, chronic alcohol consumption can lead to amino acid deficiencies.

Your body breaks down protein into amino acids, making it a good choice during a hangover.

Three ounces (85 grams) of beef have close to 25 grams of protein, while three ounces (84 grams) of chicken breast packs 13 grams.

While there is no magical cure for a hangover, several foods may help you feel better. Of course, the best way to prevent a hangover is to avoid alcohol altogether and enjoy your full 8 hours of sleep!!

But if you do find yourself suffering from a hangover, consuming some of the foods on this list can have you back to normal in no time.

Hangovers are horrid! Regular excess alcohol consumption adversely impacts our health in so many different ways:  from weight gain, blood sugar spikes, poor sleep, and increased blood pressure. ProLongevity can help you switch out the alcohol and regain optimal healthGet your free (no-obligation) 15-minute consultation below! 

Healthy Foods To Help With A Hangover

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