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At ProLongevity, we’re always looking for healthy alternatives to the foods you love so you don’t have to give them up -just swap! Bread is a case in point. One of my clients said “I’m quite happy to give up the rest of the white carbs (potatoes, rice pasta) but if I have to give up bread? Well frankly I’d rather take the metformin! I LOVE bread and I know exactly how my client feels.. so when I first came across fiber flour (there’s a very interesting video here about using fiber flour in the South Asian community to make traditional foods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXvD80OiJGY&t=5s ) I was keen to try it for myself.

So I made contact with the founder, Dr Gerald Davies who comments “Like wearing a helmet, we believe that investing in preventative medicine and nutrition is easier, more impactful, and more effective than treatment after-the-fact.” and ordered some for myself. Suffice to say we regularly bake with Gerry’s flour, and whenever we are stuck he always responds with helpful (healthful!) advice.

Lonjevity Foods
Macronutrients eating Fiber Flour or Whole-wheat chapati/Bread
Fiber To Card Ration
Macro-nutrients of bread/pizza/chapati made from Whole-wheat or FiberFlour

We’ve recommended fiberflour to numerous clients and they all love it too.. so we’re delighted to be able to offer all our ProLongevity clients an ongoing 20% discount on all Lonjevity products . All you need to do is enter ProLongevity20% at the checkout and the discount is yours.

We’ve added some photos of various dishes that ProLongevity clients have made with fiber flour just to show what’s possible.

Lonjevity Foods
Lonjevity Foods
Lonjevity Foods
Lonjevity Foods

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