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“I’ve always struggled to maintain a steady weight, even though my nursing background gave me the knowledge and skill that should have made maintaining my weight an easy and straightforward task. Although not as big as I used to be, my weight has regularly ‘yo-yoed’ by 10kg for decades.

Two years ago, when I was diagnosed with prediabetes I embarked on, yet another, ‘weight-loss mission’ which, after a year, succeeded in a ‘normal’ blood glucose result only to have it go up again and back into prediabetes the following year.

I was feeling very low, because I eat very healthily, or so I thought then I met Graham who explained that a new monitoring sensor and mentoring system (him!) might help identify those ‘problem foods’ that I was particularly sensitive too and which results in the vicious circle of a glucose spike, sharp glucose drop and rapid storing of fat. Who knew that my muesli was one of the main culprits? – as well as for breakfast I relied on this heavily for snacks or even dinner sometimes. In addition I was eating far too much whole-wheat bread.

Saying goodbye to these habits and substituting for protein & more veg resulted in an easy weight loss of 3.4Kg in a little over 3 weeks, and red wine is just fine but more importantly the system allows instant real time glucose monitoring so you know, about an hour after eating, if a particular food is an issue for you and you make a small adjustment accordingly.

On Grahams advice I also bought body composition scales which is really helpful and will become my mentor when I complete the programme…. Although I will very much miss Grahams unobtrusive wisdom and support as he monitors progress from afar and intervenes at just the right moment with a helpful hint or word of support.

Many thanks Graham – this is a really worthwhile service giving health back to people on the brink of losing it

Postscript: Its now March 2019 and nearly 3 months since I last used the glucose monitor but I’ve been continuing to use the easy methods and food habits Graham taught me. I rarely eat the foods that I learnt caused a spike in my glucose (I’ve lost ‘the taste’ for them), I generally leave a 12 hour gap overnight between my last evening meal and my breakfast, plus I pile onto my plate healthy veg at every opportunity.

I’m amazed to find it all truly easy, my tastes have changed, who’d have thought that I’d find chocolate tasting ‘waxy’ or rice ‘boring’ and a curry goes really, really well on top of a great big salad.

I’ve also been using my body composition scales about twice a week and have lost a total of 10kg, my visceral fat is now well within the normal range and my BMI is under 25 for the first time in about 3 decades! Again Graham a million thanks!!”


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