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I’ve had a problem with my weight since after my children were born 30 years ago and tried various diets including Weight Watchers, Ducan, Slimming world, Herbalife etc.

When I was 27 I had various tests for my raised blood pressure, and no cause was ever found and I have been on 2 medications ever since for this, plus thyroxine for an underactive thyroid.

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and then pre- diabetes. My weight ballooned to over 89kg; I got really fed up with myself, and continual dieting. Although I did lose weight on the various diets I tried, it always came back plus more!

I started following Graham Phillip’s advice and had a Freestyle sensor fitted in April 2018. This showed me exactly which foods were spiking my sugars!

Also I never felt hungry or deprived on this new approach.

I got some surprises, as foods I thought were healthy like porridge, fruits and diluted apple juice (which I would drink all day long) were spiking my sugar levels.

One of the first things Graham told me was to stop the fruit juice completely. He explained that it was full of sugar and empty calories that didn’t fill me up but did make my pre-diabetes worse!

I began to adjust my diet by making small changes to what I ate, plus I did some brisk walks every day.

Despite the odd “cheat” on holiday I’ve lost 8 kg, my blood pressure has come down so I’ve been able to reduce my blood pressure medications.

I feel so much better generally.

Also my abnormal liver enzymes tests are now normal and I am no longer pre-diabetic!

It’s strange because I’m a nurse who specialises in diabetes management, and thought I knew a lot about nutrition. This has taught me that the advice we have been giving out to patients may not be right for all of them.

It has helped me greatly in personalising my advice to my patients.

Graham has been extremely supportive and motivating, without being punitive or harsh, and I would highly recommend his style of coaching and support -you never feel, you are on a strict ‘diet’.

His knowledge is incredible and he is always happy to communicate this and gives lots of useful tips.

— Mariola, NURSE, 52

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