Miss England Praises ProLongevity For Changing Her Lifestyle!

Bhasha Mukherjee has two medical degrees and speaks five languages, so perhaps not your typical beauty queen!

Since being crowned Miss England she has been channelling her voice and status in a positive way to help make a difference to people’s lives through the ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project, as well as joining our ProLongevity programme with her mother (Mita) to further that message.

Since starting the ProLongevity programme both Bhasha and Mita have noticed some remarkable changes in their lifestyle and beneficial effects of their body. Bhasha and Mita look back on their experiences and can’t believe how much, and how easily, they’ve changed the “habits of a lifetime” to such good effect.

“I was snacking a lot, and it was becoming somewhat of an addiction”

Bhasha says “ I was healthy but in the last couple of years when I started going to the gym, university and having my own money, every time I went shopping I would buy junk food”

If you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… then you may have fallen victim to one of the many diet myths.

In the UK we eat more ultra processed food than any other country in Europe, and this junk food diet plus snacking (on more junk food!) has become part of our culture.

Nutrition experts the world over say that giving your metabolism a rest between meals, for example allowing 12 hours between the last thing you eat one day (supper) and the first meal of the next day (breakfast) which is known as “time restricted eating” can result in a healthier gut and overall improved health.

“My biggest transformation is that I now have periods that are pain free for the first time in 15 years”

Headaches, cramps, brain, and mood swings. As many as three out of four women experience symptoms like this and more during that time of the month and diet can play a huge role in your hormonal health, both directly and indirectly.

When your blood sugar is continually spiking from eating too many carbs and sugar, your pancreas releases insulin to remove the excess sugar from your blood and forces it into your cells.

Oestrogen dominance is highly associated with the symptoms of period pains and other side effects, and this increase in oestrogen due to high insulin can further push your body towards oestrogen dominance.

Miss England Praises ProLongevity For Changing Her Lifestyle!

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