Modern day technology stops us learning

There’s good evidence to show that using mobile phones, tablets or computers – and even watching TV – when we go to bed can interfere with our normal sleep processes.

We know that sleep is a really important function for our bodies and has a huge impact on our mental and physical health. While we sleep, our brains form new pathways to help us learn and remember, to allow us to solve problems, make decisions, and to be creative.

Poor sleep can affect our intellectual performance, our emotional control and behaviour, and our ability to cope with stress. Tired children and teenagers can have anger and impulse control issues and can have difficulty getting along with others.

If you are in a learning environment, which most children and adolescents are, it is even more important to sleep well because research shows that you need two consecutive good nights of sleep to consolidate the things you have learnt

Even when information is learned initially, further good sleep is needed, as learned information is ‘filed’ into long-term memory during REM (dream) sleep. Sadly, many tired teens don’t get enough dream sleep to learn well.

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Does Modern Day Technology Stop Us Learning - Prolongevity
Modern day technology stops us learning

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