Not Fit For Purpose – 60% Of The Population Is Now Obese

In 1980 only 7% of the population was classified as living with obesity and now its over 60%, so its gone up drastically over a remarkably short period of time and is putting more and more people at risk of developing life threatening diseases like type2 diabetes, hypertension heart failure and some cancers.

By 2020 more than 165,000 health apps were available, promoting a range of benefits, from weight-loss to boosting fertility or mental health, yet year on year, our population’s health is getting worse. Strikingly, in the UK, the US and even in Germany, life expectancy is going backwards. Let’s dwell on that for a moment. Despite the massive increases in funding that health systems (like the NHS) have received, we are living shorter, less-healthy lives

Fitbit, the market leader in activity monitors and smart watches, has been around for 10 years during which period they have sold around 100 million units all round the world. Yet our health is plummeting. The Fitbit certainly has some amazing capabilities, but its one of the biggest contributors to the idea that doing 10,000 steps a day will help you to lose weight, which is complete nonsense. Put simply: “You can’t outrun a bad diet”

Matt Handcock said ‘I believe in the power of technology to make human lives better. Why should anyone care about the best technology in healthcare? Because to care about technology is to care about people. People. That’s always been what all the tech, all the scientific developments and healthcare innovation is all about.’

Not Fit For Purpose - 60% Of The Population Is Now Obese - Prolongevity

Yet it seems that all the technology in the world isn’t improving our health. To the contrary, we kid ourselves that we can safely eat that Starbucks’ muffin because we’ve burnt it all off with those steps!

Fitbits have become a trendy lifestyle choice, but we never use them to their full potential, whether because we don’t really know how to, or maybe because we’re really up for lifestyle change.

But, using technology together with a human guide is a completely different story when it comes to getting healthier and being more motivated to look after our bodies. Having a trained health professional to coach you personally through your journey not only holds you accountable, but also helps you understand your path to optimum health, by advising you on small, incremental steps to a healthier you.

And ProLongevity does just that…

ProLongevity is a bespoke 8-week program that involves attaching a continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, to your arm which makes correlations between your diet and blood sugar levels via an app. You will be assigned a coach that will monitor your results and establish which foods are healthy for you as an individual and which are not. We will then work alongside you to make sustainable lifestyle adjustments to improve your mental and physical health and help you to “Live Healthier or longer”

Not Fit For Purpose – 60% Of The Population Is Now Obese

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