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“I’m in my 70s, seeming healthy and very active. I’m still working and have never felt the need to think about my health or diet.

However over a period of 5 or 6 years my 34-inch waist trousers no longer fitted and I became increasingly aware of developing a small paunch, which I wasn’t happy about. That said I was not particularly motivated to do anything about it putting it down to the inevitable “middle aged spread”

So partly out of interest and partly to support my wife, I joined in too. I was shocked to find that my seemingly healthy diet was actually causing some unexpected sugar spikes.

With Graham’s mentoring and over a period of a few weeks, my diet steadily improved. Graham suggested healthy alternatives to the foods that caused my sugar to spike. For example I had never truly been hungry for breakfast but I had been told it was “the most important meal of the day” – so I forced myself to eat a couple of slices of toast. Graham explained that skipping breakfast was fine and that the toast has no nutritional value anyway. In fact it spiked my sugars leading to the inevitable crash a couple of hours later when I’d be starving hungry. So these days I skip breakfast most days and eat something healthy a bit later on. In this way I managed to reduce my sugar intake without spoiling my love of food and I’m now back to my lifetime 34 inch waist.

The ProLongevity programme is not a fad diet but it has focused my mind on what I eat and drink. I now have a real understanding of how different foods affect me and what changes to make. But without Graham’s advice, encouragement and guidance along the way, I would never have entered into the process or persevered with it.

Thank you Graham for all your helpful, friendly and well-informed advice. I firmly believe you had given me a few extra years of healthy life to spend with my wonderful wife, children and grandchildren. I am forever in your debt.”

— AGE 72

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