Santa Claus’ Health Risks!

An unhealthy lifestyle, intense working conditions and the stress of having to deliver more than 150 million Christmas gifts in 24 hours. Cookies, Mince pies, Whiskey and Milk is not the right diet for a man who doesn’t exercise or who is obese due to excessive eating which over-fuels his body!

Santa’s obvious obesity and deep red facial complexion are convincing signs that he is at risk of suffering from a heart attack, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


The foods and drinks that people feed Santa on Christmas Eve are high in sugar and fats that play a huge part in developing health conditions like diabetes and obesity. Per 100g, on average a cookie contains 15g of sugar, so you can imagine the amount of sugar Santa is consuming on Christmas eve that all lead to him becoming ever-more obese.

Whereas, the reindeer that are fed healthy snacks like Carrots and celery that are both nutritionally strong, fuels their bodies to keep exercising that keeps them in good shape in comparison to poor old Santa who does very little exercise. To read more about nutrition, read our blog on ‘Eat the rainbow’

Red face

Extreme changes in your skin is one of the first tell-tale signs that you are pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic.

Long-term type 2 diabetes with hyperglycaemia, (high blood glucose) is associated with poor circulation, which reduces blood flow to the skin. It can also cause damage to blood vessels and nerves.

Decreased blood circulation can lead to changes in the skin’s collagen. This changes the skin’s texture, appearance, and ability to heal. Damage to the skin cells can even interfere with your ability to sweat. It can also increase your sensitivity to temperature and pressure.

Santa Claus’ Health Risks!

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