Simone Cohn

Simone Cohn


Simone is a bodyworker and diabetes prevention specialist with over 20 years experience in the health industry.

She began her career in December 2000, qualifying as a Reflexologist at The British School of Complementary Therapy in Harley Street London. That same year, she embarked on a Health Science degree, specialising in Therapeutic Bodyworks at The University of Westminster. During her studies, she built up a successful private practice offering a variety of Bodywork therapies, including Reflexology.

In 2013, Simone was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia; a chronic pain disorder. Keen to understand more about her illness, she trained with renowned US Fibromyalgia coach, Tami Stackelhouse. Once qualified, Simone incorporated her knowledge of pain management and nutrition into her roster of Bodywork therapies, and re-established herself as a Health and Wellbeing Coach.

With her wealth of knowledge and personal experience, Simone was invited to be part of the “NHS Healthier You” National Diabetes Prevention Programme, providing educational and nutritional sessions to prediabetic patients. This eye-opening experience further ignited Simone’s passion for diabetes prevention, and the psychology of health and sugar addiction.

Her extensive training and practical knowledge, coupled with her own health journey, has given Simone the unique ability to recognise each clients’ individual needs and goals. Now part of the ProLongevity clinical team, she is a successful and intuitive Health and Wellbeing practitioner who is passionate about helping others live a healthier, pain-free life.

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