Sirtfood Diet – Live Healthy for Longer?

Sirtfood Diet

The “Sirtuins” are longevity genes. Activate your sirtuins and (in theory) you should “Live Healthy for Longer”.. its no suprise therefore that many stars have tried the Sirtfood Diet, including Adele, Pippa Middleton, Lorraine Pascale, and boxer David Haye who have all praised the program.

Sirtfoods are mostly plant-based and high in antioxidants that help trick your body into burning fat at a higher rate. It’s called Sirt because it includes eating foods that are high in sirtuin activators, defined as seven proteins found in the body that regulate metabolism, inflammation, and the longevity of cells.

Sirt foods help signal the body that it should rev up your metabolism and increase muscle mass while you burn fat. Everyone gets excited about the wine and chocolate but your body is actually consistently eating more fibre, more antioxidants, and nutrient-dense foods. Some foods you are allowed to eat include strawberries, onions, garlic, parsley, dark chocolate, turmeric, walnuts and extra virgin olive oil.

Sirtfood Diet - Live Healthy for Longer? - Prolongevity

However, for many people the Sirtfood Diet is unnecessarily restrictive and offers no clear, unique health benefits over any other type of diet. Or to put it another way “one size does NOT fit all”

Many people can’t function while eating only 1,000 calories and find that even 1,500 calories per day is excessively restrictive and therefore unsustainable. The body has no receptor for calories which is why calorie counting simply doesn’t work (at least in the long term) At ProLongevity we DON’T count calories! Calorie counting tends to end up making us even hungrier, and once the we stop restricting we tend to overcompensate, which is why we all can relate to being “hangry” and consequently overindulging when we’re finally given a chance to eat.

If you would like to find out more about the diets and weight loss fads that are glamorized by the media but are actually bad for you, click here to join our new group that does just that and more.

Sirtfood Diet – Live Healthy for Longer?

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