Skipping To Help You Lose Weight

If you were led to believe that breakfast was the most important meal of the day… then you may have fallen victim to one of the many diet myths.

In the UK we eat more ultra processed food than any other country in Europe, and this junk food diet plus snacking is something that’s now become part of our culture.

Large food companies like Kellogg’s are to blame for distorting research surrounding the food we should be eating, as well as the UK government’s lack of funding for research.

You may love breakfast, but for many people, it actually makes them put on weight. And so there’s about half the population who would probably do very well by skipping breakfast completely or at least ocassionally.

We’ve been told the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for the last hundred years by breakfast manufacturers. It simply isn’t true. (Unless you have share in Kellogs, that is!)

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And, studies have even shown that if you have the same amount of food/calories, but divided between two meals instead of three, most people will actually be better off and healthier and lose some weight.

Nutrition experts the world over say that giving your gut a rest between meals, for example allow 12 hours between the last thing you eat one day (supper) and the first meal of the next day (breakfast) which is known as “time restricted eating” can result in a healthier gut and overall improved health.

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Skipping To Help You Lose Weight

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