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“A miraculous metamorphosis! 12 months ago chatting to Graham about my physical demise i.e. metabolic syndrome; obese; clothes not fitting — even 40 inch waist trousers; hypertensive – poorly controlled and worried about the risk of a stroke. I also had sleep apnoea – using a c-pap and ended up attending a c-pap meeting which was really depressing as most of the attendees looked as if they were going to burst!

Gout with frequent painful joints requiring a strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories which gave me severe dyspeptic symptoms. But worst of all I had a prediabetic Hba1c and I was convinced I was going to get all the complications! Graham told me about the blood sugar sensor and his 8-week programme. So started the ProLongevity course . I stopped putting sugar in my tea or coffee, stopped drinking cartons of juice, stopped biscuits, cake, rice, chips, sweetener etc and along with the low carb diet started to exercise more and I found that I slept better! Within 2 months I felt so much better and now nearly 3 months on I have dropped my waist size to 36 inches and my sleep apnoea seems to have gone! I feel 10 years younger and am now looking forward to a long and healthy retirement!

My HbA1C is normal, my gout has gone, my psoriasis has improved, and my concentration is so much better! But the best news is that even though I have stopped monitoring my blood sugar I am maintaining my progress and I can still have the odd piece of cheesecake!”

— Stuart GP, 63

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