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“A miraculous metamorphosis! 12 months ago chatting to Graham about my physical demise i.e. metabolic syndrome; obese; clothes not fitting — even 40 inch waist trousers; hypertensive – poorly controlled and worried about the risk of a stroke. I also had sleep apnoea – using a c-pap and ended up attending a c-pap meeting which was really depressing as most of the attendees looked as if they were going to burst!

Gout with frequent painful joints requiring a strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories which gave me severe dyspeptic symptoms. But worst of all I had a prediabetic Hba1c and I was convinced I was going to get all the complications! Graham told me about the blood sugar sensor and his 8-week programme. So started the ProLongevity course . I stopped putting sugar in my tea or coffee, stopped drinking cartons of juice, stopped biscuits, cake, rice, chips, sweetener etc and along with the low carb diet started to exercise more and I found that I slept better! Within 2 months I felt so much better and now nearly 3 months on I have dropped my waist size to 36 inches and my sleep apnoea seems to have gone! I feel 10 years younger and am now looking forward to a long and healthy retirement!

My HbA1C is normal, my gout has gone, my psoriasis has improved, and my concentration is so much better! But the best news is that even though I have stopped monitoring my blood sugar I am maintaining my progress and I can still have the odd piece of cheesecake!”

— GP, 63

Adrian (Medical Doctor)

“ I developed severe Tinnitus 2ys ago which affected my lifestyle and gave me a wake-up call. Tinnitus is a continuous ringing in one or both ears but has no medical solution. The problem that I find is that I have no control over the noise, and this lack of control is very demoralising.

I realised that for me to deal with my discomfort I needed to do everything in my power to improve my general health and wellbeing so as to increase my resilience. I approached Graham who said he was happy to help. He put me on a low carbohydrates diet after we monitored my response to sugars, as it soon became evident that I had very sharp glucose spikes to bread, rice, porridge, potatoes, sweet potato, and pasta, but thankfully not to dark chocolate!. Together we devised a diet plan that kept my blood sugar tightly controlled with no spikes. The reasoning is that perhaps it is the relationship between glucose and insulin spikes that causes the fluctuations in the tinnitus.

I found that there is a definite dampening down of the noise and that overall there are fewer fluctuations allowing me to feel I do have some control. In addition, I lost weight, I feel more confident in what to eat and I do not miss carbohydrates in the slightest and enjoy my food immensely. I not only engaged in his dietary advice but also listend to him in relation to sleep and exercise. I feel more confident once again, able to enjoy life better and am more optimistic.

I am grateful for Graham’s advice which he gives with such professionalism, kindness, and generosity.”


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