Susan Wood – Success Stories – Prolongevity

“As a Type 2 diabetic I was getting really frustrated not knowing which foods and drinks were causing glucose spikes and which I could enjoy without feeling anxious or guilty. My blood tests indicated a slight but continuous upward trend, despite taking what I thought was a fairly sensible approach. I signed up with Prolongevity about 2 years ago.

Thanks to Graham’s excellent advice and the sensors everything has changed – for the better! One size does NOT fit all. I’ve been astonished at some of the things to which my body reacts badly, and equally surprised at the treats I can enjoy. I am now able to make informed choices about what I eat and drink and when. My blood test results are much improved as the levels have gone steadily down. I still like to try new foods and confess to sometimes eating favourites which I know are not good for me.

However my choices are no longer guesswork, and I try to balance the not so sensible foods with ones which I now know are ok for me. I dip in and out of the Prolongevity programme, finding it reassuring to check how I am doing. I have noticed some different reactions to at the start, plus I’ve had some recent meds changes.

Getting immediate feedback from the sensor and advice from Prolongevity is great and certainly helps to reduce the stress of having diabetes. “

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