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The Big Middle Podcast Episodes

How to survive COVID by taking care of your gut. Graham Phillips is back on The Big Middle in his role as resident Metabolic Science Brainbox. His knowledge runs deep. Listen to episode 64 to catch his debut. This pandemic has shown that lifestyle diseases that set us up for the worst COVID outcomes are within our power to avoid. If we know how. Prepare to learn all you need know about strengthening your immune system to survive an encounter with The Virus.

Here’s a sampler from our conversation:

  • “80% of your immune system is in your gut”
  • “Your microbiome is your second brain”
  • “95% of your supply of serotonin -your happy hormone- is in your gut, not your brain”
  • “The state of your microbiome is your destiny, not your genes”
  • “We have 100 trillion bugs in our gut but only a few more genes than a banana”
  • “Just two nights of bad sleep will cut the efficacy of the winter flu shot by half”
  • “Before you get your COVID jab, make sure you get a couple of nights of good sleep”

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