Wessex GP’s – Tackling Obesity Recent Presentation

Find out why Graham Phillips, is ‘the pharmacist who gave up drugs’. He has just won the prestigious C&D Award for Innovation in UK pharmacy with ProLongevity, find out what science he is mastering that is saving lives, reversing obesity and Type 2 Diabetes and why he got all of these praiseworthy comments from GPs

Wessex UK who watched his recent presentation:

“Brilliant and inspiring and great presentation”

“Excellent! I would like him to have spoken for longer. And would be interested in further talks from him on other subjects.

“Very interesting and useful approach to obesity, I think this talk will change my practice.” “A good talk – it made me think about my own intake and how to counsel patients.”

“An amazing, interactive, fun and hugely informative session.”

“Very interesting, brilliant speaker, lots to follow up on.”

Wessex GP’s – Tackling Obesity Recent Presentation

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