What Is Metabolic Health And Why Is It So Important? Alpa Karia

Your metabolic health is all about how efficiently you are processing the food you are eating into the energy you need to power your body.   Are you using most of the energy from your food to fuel the millions of chemical reactions that keep you alive or are you storing most of it as fat and then needing to consume more calories for energy?   It directly impacts your weight, how you are ageing and your risk of acquiring major chronic diseases.

The choices you make in your 40s, 50s and 60s will directly impact your health and mobility in your 70s, 80s and beyond.   Teaching your body to be metabolically healthy and flexible so that it can burn fat and not just store it will bring improved energy levels, reduce cravings, and also reduce the risk of disease and this will bring incredible freedom and transformation to your life.


What is Insulin and why is it so important for all of us and not just for diabetics?

Insulin is the main hormone that determines your metabolic health and this makes it a hugely important hormone that shouldn’t just be of interest to diabetics.   Our bodies’ sensitivity or resistance to this hormone is the basis of our metabolic health.   Insulin resistance is the major factor in metabolic syndrome which is a constellation of symptoms linked to the main conditions that western medicine spends most of its time fighting – heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, dementia and various cancers. Also, interestingly, as women enter their perimenopause and menopause years, their degree of insulin resistance will directly affect how well they go through these life stages.

The spectrum of metabolic health and why you want to know where you are on it.

It is important to realise that metabolic health is a spectrum, one end of which is total sensitivity to insulin and the other end of which there is a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes; and along the way many of us might be pre-diabetic or even pre-pre diabetic.  It’s important to realise that your metabolic health may not be optimal, but you more than likely wouldn’t know it as you wouldn’t have many symptoms except perhaps your weight keeps creeping up even though you are doing all the ‘right’ things.  Taking the important step of finding out where you are on this spectrum is necessary as the good news is that insulin resistance is totally reversible, not by taking medications, but by making the dietary and lifestyle changes that will suit you.

How can the Prolongevity Programme help you?

At Prolongevity, we want you to enjoy optimal metabolic health.  This means that we don’t just want you to avoid chronic disease for a few more years, we want you to avoid it forever.

The first step is to help you determine where you are on the spectrum of metabolic health by interpreting some simple blood tests (some or all of which you may already have from your doctor, or we can help you get them done).  Our experts can help you understand the results in terms of your life:  your diet, exercise, work, relationships, sleep, and stress.   Coupled with the powerful data we get from the continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) that we will provide for you, we can then share some very personalised dietary and lifestyle solutions which will help you optimize your metabolic health and thus make it possible for you to finally achieve your health and wellness goals.

What Is Metabolic Health And Why Is It So Important? Alpa Karia
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