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We’ve commented previously on ultra-processed food being cynically marketed as healthy when it’s nothing of the sort! The food industry does this time and time again and you can see the pattern if you read a few of our previous blogs:

When the feeding (or we should say drinking?) frenzy over PRIME came to our attention we asked ourselves is this something different or more of the same?

We were astonished to read how people were selling empty bottles of PRIME for more than the price of an unopened can, and someone paid £1,200 for a pack of 12!

What Is The Hype Over Prime Hydrate – ProLongevity

Is this really different? Should we believe the hype or is it more marketing bull?

So we went to the prime website to have a look at the ingredients. We must admit they are attractive-looking products. But what struck us most wasn’t the quality of the formulation, It was almost the complete lack of any information at all!

There is incredibly little information about its ingredients or the formulation apart from the claims in the marketing hype (supported by ZERO scientific data or medical evidence) that it is the best drink to consume because of its numerous health benefits.

Is this literally snake oil in a can or is it genuinely valuable for your health?

We looked at a few of their products but what stuck out to us the most was their best-seller ‘Ice Pop’

What struck us was how little of ANYTHING it contains. No fat, no cholesterol? The same is true of tap water or even a can of Coke! Not much sugar (well that’s good) and no protein either.

So of the three macronutrients, there’s a trace of sugar and the others (the ones that matter) are completely absent. Does it contain a decent dose of some genuinely healthful vitamins like Vitamin D (nope!) or VitC (also no).

What we find is a seemingly random assortment of additives with no logical reason to be there and in random amounts. The best that can be said about PRIME? Well it’s not likely to harm you.

On the other hand, it will deliver about the same benefits as a can of fizzy water (but for 1000 fold the price!)

So while it’s true it is low in sugar it’s also devoid of virtually anything else of value! In fact, if you look at their website (as we did) what strikes you is that most of the content shows a big fat round ZERO!

Maybe instead of PRIME, they should call it NADA! We detest this kind of clickbait marketing hype that will trick you into wasting your hard-earned

The PRIME website is most noticeable for the absence of any information regarding nutrition. It’s hidden and you have to hunt around to find the product information… Coincidence? We think not… The emperor on this occasion really does have no clothes!!

Essentially it’s a random assortment of additives with absolutely no logical formulation that would have any basis for improving any aspect of your life.

KSI and Logan Paul are not nutritional experts, they are both boxers and social media opportunists that have exploited people (especially young kids) based on their influence over the media.

So what’s the Bottom line?

It’s an energy drink (or a sort) that claims to be healthy, provides muscle recovery, antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes. But at the end of the day, it’s an energy drink with not much energy! Do you see the irony?

Don’t waste your money and fall victim to the social media hype.

Tap water is fine! British tap water is among the best in the world. Millions of tests are conducted annually to guarantee the best possible quality of water for consumers. That makes tap water the most regulated drink out there.

If you don’t like tap water, drink soda water or invest in a SodaStream. You can make your own fresh sparkling water at home, it’s the cheapest bubbles and not damaging to the environment.

What Is The Hype Over Prime Hydrate – ProLongevity

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