What Lies Behind ProLongevity – Helps To Reverse Diabetes

ProLongevity was first created more than 2 years ago now, and we have worked with so many amazing people since starting out. But we wanted to share a deeper insight to our aims and what we have helped our clients to achieve since embarking on their life changing journey with us.

ProLongevity helps to reverse diabetes using a unique, customised 8-week treatment plan. This eliminates the root cause of the epidemic of diabetes and other serious life-limiting conditions like obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and the risk of strokes. It also helps reduce and prevent systemic inflammation that causes other conditions like dementia, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), psoriasis, and tinnitus.

But our entire ethos is based around a 14-point charter that encapsulates the values and beliefs that lie behind ProLongevity.

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We want to share these points with the world so people can dive deeper into our business and see our long and short term goals for us and our clients, helping you to understand what makes us different from any other business out there:

  1. You cannot outrun a bad diet with exercise.
  2. NHS and affiliated associations dietary advice is either out of date or corrupted by sponsorship by food giants and drugs companies.
  3. Much of the answer to preventing future pandemics like COVID-19 lies in our own hands with what we put in our mouths.
  4. We can show people how they are being conned into thinking unhealthy food is healthy.
  5. We can eliminate constantly feeling hunger when you change to the better diet.
  6. There is no ‘one size fits all best diet’, e.g. Keto, NHS, Atkins instead we must tune into our diet to how our bodies digest food very differently.
  7. The focus for good health is ‘insulin reduction’ and not on ‘sugar or calorie reduction’.
  8. We promote good sleep as crucially important to boosting our immune system and preventing diabetes.
  9. The main cause of the epidemic of modern non-communicable diseases is life-style not genes
  10. It’s never too late to dramatically improve your health with our life-style change
  11. We can tackle the root causes of serious ill health such as Metabolic Syndrome in just 8 weeks.
  12. Eating fat makes you fat is a ‘myth’ and cholesterol management is mainly there to boost the profits of the drug and food industry
  13. Calorie restricted diets are a poor way to tackle obesity.
  14. If ProLongevity was a drug it would be hailed as a miracle cure and be saving the NHS billions as well as saving thousands of lives.

If you have learnt something new or have any questions after reading this post, please give Graham Phillips a call. He is currently offering anyone a FREE consultation where he will be more than happy to further explain any of this information and offer some excellent advice on how you can change your lifestyle in just a few simple steps.

Your health is crucial and should always be a priority in order to Live Healthy for Longer.

What Lies Behind ProLongevity – Helps To Reverse Diabetes

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