Live Healthy For Longer


20% genetic: 80% lifestyle

Good health is only 20% genetic, and amazingly 80% about lifestyle. A few simple changes to your diet and routine can help you lose weight, feel better and even reverse prediabetes and type-2 diabetes. Let us guide you on the journey to a healthier, longer life.



Our philosophy is to look at your body and behaviour, and then to suggest manageable changes that have life-changing effects. Doctors are trained to look for single causes of health problems, and single solutions. That just doesn’t work when it comes to complex problems caused by lots of interrelating factors. That’s why we do things differently.



ProLongevity is a service that harnesses decades of practical medical knowledge to produce a plan designed around the unique way your body works.

  • No hunger

  • No diets

  • No calorie counting



Your body is unique, and the ProLongevity philosophy is that your treatment must be too. It involves a careful analysis of what triggers YOU to experience blood-sugar spikes. We then recommend a set of sustainable lifestyle adjustments that can: Prevent obesity, Lower blood pressure, Reverse prediabetes and type 2 diabetes and help with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Hypertension and cardiovascular disease, Some cancers, Infections, Skin problems, Brittle nails and more.


Modern diseases

Obesity, high blood-pressure, prediabetes and type-2 diabetes are rife in our society, and type-2 diabetes is beyond epidemic levels. The root cause of all these ailments is poor diet, and especially eating too much sugar and processed food. The problem has spread because:

  • Doctors aren’t trained about nutrition.

  • The NHS encourages doctors to give patients pills.

  • The food industry pushes unhealthy foods.

  • The pharmaceutical industry encourages medication as the only solution.

  • People don’t understand their own bodies.

  • People don’t know what changes to make.

We can help you make the dietary changes that will change your life around.


Fact or Myth?

Is “Fasting” healthy or unhealthy?

Is longevity mainly genetic, mainly lifestyle (or just luck)?

Are men genetically pre-destined to die younger than women?

Which matters more, diet or exercise?

Does eating “fat” make you fat?

Are all calories equal?

What makes us fat (a combination of gluttony and sloth? - So we should eat less and move more?)

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

How much sleep should we get?


Why ProLongevity?



ProLongevity will almost certainly help you lose weight in just eight weeks.


Because they are simple and have no side-effects, the changes you make will be easy to continue after the course ends.


We offer a personal service, but it doesn’t have to be face-to-face. We already advise patients in the UK and abroad by WhatsApp, Skype, and we can use any method that suits you.

The Pro Longevity service showed that the muesli I had for breakfast, snacks and sometimes even dinner was a big cause of my blood-sugar problem. I dumped it and started eating more vegetables and protein. I lost 3.4 kilos in three weeks.
— Lynne, ex-nurse and training consultant, 64