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ProLongevity is available in the UK and internationally.

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ProLongevity has been widely endorsed by leading medical scientists for providing a natural ‘drug-free’ way to save people’s lives, significantly reduce the risk of many life-limiting and often fatal conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, dementia, hypertension, liver disease, strokes, heart disease, and cancer.
Based in St Albans, in a matter of just weeks in our unique 5-step healthy lifestyle plan is revolutionising people’s lives across the UK. We will help you to make lifelong changes with a combination of remote monitoring, precision nutrition tailored to you and supported by 1-2-1 coaching from our health professionals.

How Does ProLongevity Work?

Five Simple Steps To a Healthier You

How Does ProLongevity Work? - Prepare

Your lifestyle coach will begin by exploring your current habits and routines and help you set achievable health goals

How Does ProLongevity Work? - Monitor

We remotely monitor your blood sugar levels via an app, linked to a painless glucose monitor attached to your arm.

How Does ProLongevity Work? - Analyse

After two weeks, we have a clear picture of which foods are healthy for you, and which cause blood sugar spikes.

How Does ProLongevity Work? - Plan

Armed with this knowledge, our experts create a science-based lifestyle plan tailored to your unique metabolic makeup.

How Does ProLongevity Work? - Support

We continue to support you through regular 1-2-1 coaching, helping you lose weight, get fitter and feel better in just 8 weeks.

Reverse Diabetes in 8 weeks

The onset of type 2 diabetes is down to a lot of factors including prediabetes.
Prediabetes is a term you might not be familiar with, though perhaps you should be! Prediabetes or “non-diabetic hyperglycemia” is a condition where blood glucose levels are raised above normal levels. If left undetected or the symptoms ignored, it can develop into type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes can be hard to spot but some obvious symptoms such as increased thirst and fatigue are key signs.

You must take action when seeing signs of prediabetes to stop your health from deteriorating toward type 2 diabetes or much worse. ProLongevity is designed to prevent and/or reverse numerous life-limiting conditions caused by diabetes and pre-diabetes. We can help you take those first steps you need so that you can Live Healthy for Longer! We offer diabetes risk assessment and help and advise for diabetes prevention.

If you want to reduce the risk of dementia, cancer, and other long-term health risks, lose weight, get fit, sleep better, and have more energy, then ProLongevity is right for you. To learn more about how to reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes and reduce the risk of many other long-term health risks, book a free (no obligation) consultation.

Reserve diabetes in 5 weeks

Discover Your Healthy with a
Lifestyle Coach in the UK

Your body is unique, and the ProLongevity philosophy is
that your treatment should be too.

ProLongevity works through careful analysis of what triggers you to experience blood sugar spikes. Through continuous glucose monitoring, we create a science-based nutrition and exercise plan uniquely tailored to your biology. We call it “precision nutrition” With regular, 1-2-1 healthy lifestyle coaching exclusively from qualified health professionals, we’ll guide you to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle in just weeks. There’s no hunger, no calorie counting, and no intense exercise regime. The result? A longer, more active life doing the things you love, with the people who mean the most to you.

That's ProLongevity

Discover Your Healthy with a Lifestyle Coach in the UK

Is ProLongevity-Right for Me?

We all want to live a long and healthy life. And yet, life expectancy is falling and lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise.

ProLongevity is working to reverse this trend. Our healthy lifestyle programme can help you lose excess tummy fat, prevent or reverse avoidable diseases like diabetes, cancer, and dementia, and live healthy for longer — regardless of your age, location or lifestyle history.

ProLongevity is designed for anyone who wants to:

> Lose weight — and keep it off
> Reverse or prevent type-2 diabetes and or prediabetes
> Improve their nutrition and feel fuller for longer
> Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
> Get fitter, sleep better and have more energy
> Defeat obesity, high blood pressure and life-limiting cardiovascular diseases
> Reverse or reduce risk of Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

ProLongevity Right for Me

What does ProLongevity Lifestyle Coaching do

Reduce Risk of Dementia
Reduce Risk of Dementia

Alzheimer's Disease

Reverse Major Health Risks
Reverse Major Health Risks

Including type 2 diabetes, heart disease & hypertension

Lose Weight
Lose Weight

Keep it off in just weeks

Stop Blood Sugar Spikes
Stop Blood Sugar Spikes

With precise nutrition

Sleep Better
Sleep Better

With personalised stress reduction, nutrition & excercise regime

Why ProLongevity?

Simple, Natural & Backed by Real Science
The lifelong health programme designed around you.

Why ProLongevity? - Personalised


Eat right for your body with blood sugar
monitoring and bespoke nutritional planning

Why ProLongevity? - Personalised - Backed by Science

Backed by Science

Clinically proven to reverse or prevent type 2
diabetes and other metabolic diseases.



Restore your body’s natural healthy balance
with real, non-processed foods



Lose weight, sleep better and improve
your health in just eight weeks



Our simple programme fits seamlessly into
your life, with no calorie counting or complex diets



Access expert support from anywhere in
the world with remote 1-2-1 coaching

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