Want to live healthy for longer?


What is ProLongevity?


ProLongevity involves a careful analysis of what triggers YOU to experience blood-sugar spikes. The ProLongevity service involves attaching a continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, to your arm. We monitor the results via an app, which makes correlations between your diet and blood sugar levels. We analyse those results. After two weeks’ monitoring we can establish which foods are healthy for an individual and which are not. We then recommend a set of sustainable lifestyle adjustments. Your body is unique, and the ProLongevity philosophy is that your treatment must be too.


Who is ProLongevity for?

Anyone looking to lose weight, or lead a more fulfilling life. We recommend ProLongevity for those who want to lose weight, reverse pre-diabetes, type2 diabetes, Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Also if you are concerned about cancer, dementia or a host of diseases where inflammation is part of the problem (eg psoriasis) even tinnitus and many more.


Why ProLongevity? 

ProLongevity is a proven, simple system that:

Reduces blood-sugar spikes
Helps you lose weight
Can reverse type-2 diabetes and prediabetes
Helps with a host of health problems including PCOS, dementia and some cancers.


1. Quick

ProLongevity will almost certainly help you lose weight in just eight weeks.

2. Simple

Because they are simple and have no side-effects, the changes you make will be easy to continue after the course ends.

3. Convenient

We offer a personal service, but it doesn’t have to be face-to-face. We already advise patients in the UK and abroad by WhatsApp, Skype, and we can use any method that suits you.

How does ProLongevity work?

ProLongevity is a service that harnesses decades of practical medical knowledge to produce a plan designed around the unique way your body works. 

  • No hunger

  • No diets

  • No calorie counting


What can ProLongevity treat?

In a word Metabolic Syndrome! Its increasingly recognised that many diverse diseases such a pre-diabetes, Type2 diabetes, overweight and obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, dementia, certain cancers and even Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are actually linked. That's why ProLongevity can help so many people.


Success Stories



I feel 10 years younger

A miraculous metamorphosis! 12 months ago metabolic syndrome; obese; clothes not fitting 40 inch trousers; hypertensive - poorly controlled, sleep apnoea and worried about the risk of a stroke . But worst of all I was pre-diabetic. So started the ProLongevity course . Within 2 months I felt so much better and now nearly 3 months on my waist is 36 , my sleep apnoea seems to have gone and I feel 10 years younger. My sugar is normal, my gout has gone, my psoriasis has improved, and my concentration is so much better! I'm now looking forward to a long and healthy retirement!


MARIOLA (Diabetes Nurse)

I’ve lost 8kg

I’ve had weight problems since my children were born 30 years ago. I have been on two blood-pressure medications and thyroxine for years. About five years ago I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and then pre-diabetes. Diets helped me lose weight, but I always regained it. Using ProLongevity I learned that foods I thought were healthy were spiking my blood-sugar, such as porridge, fruit and diluted fruit-juice. I cut them out and I’ve lost 8kg.


CHRIS (Public Affairs Consultant)

Truly game changing

I had become complacent and comfortable with being fat. I had developed a fatty liver and what little will power I had led me to follow the latest fad diet which lasted a couple of weeks before returning to the same destructive cycle – leaving me demoralised and resigned to being ‘a bit fat’ – in reality, morbidly obese. Graham and the Freestyle monitor changed all that. What Graham has built is truly game changing – but for all the science and technology, it’s the human touch that made it work for me.


JEREMY (Company Director)

It was a revelation

I was shocked that my flavoured porridge was causing massive blood-sugar spikes. Simply switching to plain porridge had a considerable impact on my blood-glucose spikes and consequently on my weight. After four weeks I’d learned so much that avoiding the wrong foods became second nature. After three months I had lost around 23kg and my blood pressure had dropped. A year after starting the programme my weight is stable.


How much does ProLongevity cost?

Now £750 - LAUNCH OFFER 25% OFF!

The full 8-week service including the 4 sensors which monitor your blood-glucose and the ProLongevity personalised one-to-one coaching, either face-2-face or by via Skype / WhatsApp / Facetime, normally costs £995.

However to celebrate the launch of our new website we are offering a special launch offer on a first-come-first-served basis of £750 for online bookings. Book online and save 25%