Eroxon: A Breakthrough for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common medical condition that affects millions of men worldwide. It can have a significant impact on a man’s quality of life, relationships, and self-esteem. ED however, is NOT an inevitable occurrence as men age, but it IS a warning sign of a broader set of fundamental health problems. While there are many treatments available for ED, they often come with side effects, and some men do not respond well to them. However, a new treatment called Eroxon which is available from pharmacies and elsewhere, shows promise in treating ED without the side effects associated with traditional treatments.

Eroxon: A Breakthrough for Erectile Dysfunction?

What is Eroxon?

Eroxon is a topical gel which is applied to the penis and  is clinically proven to help men get an erection within 10 minutes.

How Is Eroxon Applied?

Eroxon is applied directly to the penis using a special applicator. Within 10 minutes, the gel begins to take effect, improving blood flow and promoting an erection. In common with many other ED treatments Eroxon does require a man to have some sexual stimulation to work.

What are the Benefits of Eroxon?

Eroxon offers several benefits over traditional ED treatments. First and foremost, it is easy to use. Additionally, because Eroxon is a topical gel, it does not have the side effects associated with oral medications or injections. This means that men who cannot tolerate these treatments due to side effects may find Eroxon to be a viable alternative.

Is Eroxon Safe?

Yes! Unlike orthodox medications, Eroxon does not have a standard active ingredient. In summary it has an unique evaporative  action due to the cooling and gradual warming which in turn stimulates nerve endings on the glans penis (neurotransmission). This leads to increased blood flow and stronger erections.    Because Eroxon is a topical gel, it does not have the same risks associated with oral medications or injections, such as priapism (a painful, prolonged erection) or systemic effects. Additionally, because Eroxon is applied directly to the penis, and has no actual active ingredient its is extremely unlikely to interact with other medications a man may be taking.

RED FLAG: 95% of cases of ED are because your cardiovascular system isn’t working properly. ED is a huge RED FLAG about the state of a man’s cardiovascular health. So, while EROXON or even VIAGRA both work on treating the symptoms (inability to sustain an erection) they don’t deal with the root CAUSE of the problem which continues to worsen.

How can ProLongevity help?

Put simply, the blood supply to the penis is very narrow, so it doesn’t take much to block it or reduce the blood flow. If that happens, a bit like blowing up a balloon, it simply can’t inflate. So, you get a weak erection or maybe none. This is particularly common in men with diabetes. As we’ve noted above, Erectile dysfunction is a huge RED FLAG about a man’s cardiovascular health.

However ProLongevity can help solve the root cause rather than simply treat *(aka mask!) the symptoms of ED. Not only can you look forward to a better sex life, but you can also look forward to 10+ years of Living Healthy for Longer.

Our weight loss, lifestyle, and nutrition programme and coaching give you the lifelong tools you need to regain the life you want. This drug free method allows you to stay healthier for longer. Not only this, but we also help to reverse type-2 diabetes and reduce your risk of life-limiting health problems, including dementia & heart disease. ProLongevity provides expert knowledge, service and personalised for you. Our mission is to help you Live Healthy for Longer.

So next time you consider a purchase of an ED treatment, please consider opting for a FREE, no-obligation exploratory call with our founder Graham Phillips. It might change your life AND your sex life for the better!

Our success stories, we’re here to help you for the better.

Eroxon: A Breakthrough for Erectile Dysfunction?

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